Abby DiLorenzo, is a 16 year-old singer-songwriter from New Jersey. Her music is modern pop with slight influences from rock and country. She released her debut 6- song EP of all original songs, "I'm the One," in March of 2017.

Abby began writing music at age 8 when she first started taking piano lessons. She began learning guitar at age 12. She has always known that she wanted to sing and perform live on stage and has been performing since the age of 10 at recitals, open mics, restaurants, and festivals. She began writing her own songs at age 12, and recording at 14. Music has always been an outlet for her, and she writes about her own experiences in life. The music tells Abby’s story, and she wants to share it with the world. 

Her single, “All the Lights,” was released in 2016. On March 24th, her debut EP, "I’m the One," was released to iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and other music providers. This EP was recorded at Architect Studios in Butler, New Jersey and was produced by Kurt Wubbenhorst and mixed by Mike Ferretti and Shane Stanton. She released the EP at a live performance in March 2017 at Architekt Live Venue in Butler, New Jersey. Check out her social media sites, or subscribe to the mailing list for more information and updates on the release, her shows, and new music.